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ICQ for Palm

ICQ for Palm for Palm OS

The world-famous ICQ for Palm

ICQ is one of the most popular pieces of internet software of all time.

Would you like to be able to know if your friends and family are surfing the net? Right now? You now no longer have to search in vain for your friends on the net. ICQ looks for you, sending you real-time alerts when your friends come online.

You can chat with them, send them messages and files, play games or really optimise its uses and strike up deals with business associates via the net. In order to use ICQ, you will need to be connected to the Internet either using a modem or your PC.

ICQ, an internet classic, informs you of who is connected to the Internet at any time and lets you make instant contact with them. You can choose the method of communication that you want to use to get in touch with your friends, whether you want to chat or talk with them, use the drawing board, data conference, file transfer or online games, ICQ sends your messages via the net in real-time.

While you are using other applications, ICQ alerts you as soon as the person you are looking for has connected to the web, which means you can work efficiently using an extensive range of Internet functions at your fingertips.

This is one of the best pieces of software designed for personal communication ... and now available for your Palm Pilot!

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ICQ for Palm


ICQ for Palm 1.0.2 Beta

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